Frequently Asked Questions

Why there is a minimum order amount?
As an export-oriented company, we specialize mainly in wholesale trading. Our prices are at the lowest possible level, therefore for handling purposes we can only accept orders from 100 EUR/100 USD above for Bank wire, but there is NO minimum for Card payments.

Do you deliver to my country?
We deliver everywhere where DHL can deliver. No matter if its the US, Asia, Africa, EU or Australia. If you have DHL in your country, we can ship to you.

How much is the shipping to my country?
Due to the specific of the car parts, delivery depends on country and weight. On the checkout page you have the option to choose your country and APPROXIMATE weight that you think your order will weight. If the weight is incorrect, we will contact you for amendments.

Can you send me a photo of the part?
With over 20 million parts, we are not able to have photos of all of our parts. We are only able to take photos on paid orders prior to shipping. If the parts are not what you expect, you will be refunded and not charged shipping fees.

Do you offer credit card payment option?
Yes we offer credit/debit card payments. However for security reasons, you may be asked to confirm an sms or TAN code authorization. If your transaction is declined, please contact live chat support for manual processing. We do NOT accept prepaid cards.

Where is your banking/money transfer information?
After placing your order, we will first check our stock for your parts, then you will receive an email confirmation the items are in stock and payment instructions.

Do you have phone number that I can call you at?
Unfortunatelly, we do not offer phone support for the big volume of inquiries we receive. Furthermore every part related question requires time to be answered and its not possible to be done over the phone. We make our best to answer all customer questions in 12-24 hours.

Is the part I am looking for really in stock?
After you place your order, we check our stock manually and inform you shortly. After this you are able to make the payment for your order. We have big network of warehouses with lots of OLD Stock. This means we have almost all parts that are stopped from production by the manufacturers.